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Bald Eagle plays tough but loses late to Somerset

Somerset 2, BEA 1

Bald Eagle lost a hard-fought contest this weekend as they fell to Somerset 2-1.

Winning Pitcher for Somerset was Kaulten Kreger while Noah Williamson, who had given up four hits, no walks and two hit batters took the loss.

Top BEA hitters on the night were Kael Gardner 3-for-3,double and Dylan Bisel 2-for-2, double.

BEA held a 1-0 lead going into the 7th.  After a HBP, then a single, followed by a sac bunt, Kreger singled home two with a bang-bang play at the plate. 

“We pitched very well, played errorless defense, but did not tack on any runs when we had the chance,” said Bald Eagle Area coach James Gardner said. “We left the door open and the dog ran through.”

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