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CPW does it again; Has sizzling Saturday show at MR Stax

By Josh Yoder

The people of Lewistown, PA were looking for some high impact pro wrestling action and the wrestlers of Classic Championship Wrestling did not disappoint at MR Stax.

CCW National heavyweight championship was on the line in the main event of the evening as challenger BJ Walker looked to defeat the champion Ed House.

Intensity doesn’t even describe the back and forth action between the two as move after move, strike after strike, both men looked to prove who was the top man in CCW.

At one point it appeared that BJ Walker had the upper hand but House turned it around and but hook or by crook got Walker on the mat and got the pinfall while his feet were on the ropes but unfortunately the ref did not see it.

“I got the result I wanted,” House said. “Maybe not the way it looked to some people. But when it all comes down to it it’s all about winning and that’s what Ed House did tonight.”

Despite the loss, Walker remains unfazed and looks at another shot at Ed House and vows that he will become the top man of CCW.

“I mean quite honestly Ed House he knew what he did, he knew he couldn’t beat me one on one so he put his feet on the ropes but at the end of the day he owned up to it like a man,” Walker said. “When it comes to the title there our no friends, there is nothing but the title. Ric Flair said it best to be the man you got to beat the man.”

“But make no mistake about it, BJ Walker, Ed House one more time the results are going to be different,” Walker continued. “We can go to Ed’s House and we can sit right in his kitchen as I take him to TABLE 3 of the ass whipping buffett.”

It wasn’t the only controversial title match of the night as Malcolm King challenged Petey Noxious for the CCW Traditional title. After Petey trashed the Lewistown crowd as King appeared and proceeded to attack Petey.

“I’m just glad I can get in and out of this trashy town,” Petey said. “I’m glad Malcom King cheated and used the belt to win. But I still get to keep the belt and I am the champion thank you.”

Near the end of the match Petey planned to use the title as a weapon but was countered by King who planted the champion with a cutter on the belt for the one two three for the win. But as soon as Petey rolled off the belt, the referee reversed the decision awarding the title to Petey Noxious.

“I went out there as a clean competitor,” King said. “It was a cheap win for him and I think he should give me a rematch. The commissioner, the commission whoever is in charge needs to replay the victory and give it to me over the simple fact I WON!”

One of the big draws for the show was the return of the Cremator who made his return as the tag team partner of Rob Noxious as they looked to attain tag team gold against the Pony Express and they did just that after a double chokeslam through the table.

“Well, I had the right partner, I had a guy who’s straight from hell or somewhere spooky as hell and we did what we set out to do,” Rob said. “We had a surprise, we had a plan and we delivered our plan with excellence.”

Other results:

Singles Match for the Stellar Pro Wrestling American Legion Championship

Hayne w/ Victor Doom def. Mike City.

Singles Match

D-licous def. Mr.Ping.

Singles Match

Andrew Backlund def. Tyler Symz.

Tag Team Match

Dorian Black/Prince Shango def. Two-Face Violator/Izzy McCoy.

Triple Threat Match

JT Funk def. J-Kat and A-Aron.


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