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One on One: Huskies Brock Capouillez

One on One with Mifflin County’s Brock Capouillez as he signed his letter of intent for playing football for St. Francis University.

Editor’s note: Hometown Sports Editor Kenny Varner caught up with the future St. Francis fullback after his college signing.

HS: First when young all congratulations on your selection. What was your reaction when you found out that you were selected by St. Francis?

BC: I kind of always had that feeling when I was our looking at other colleges, I was always comparing it to St. Francis and once I set foot on the campus I knew this is where I wanted to be.

HS: And your planning on being a fullback there?

BC: Yes, they are playing me at fullback. They only have one other fullback returning and he is a redshirt sophomore and they’re not even sure he will return for his fifth year. So I can really see myself playing there a lot.

HS: Tell me your thoughts on your recent football season. You guys had a great second half of the season and a great end of the season, finishing as Mid-Penn Colonial champs. Just tell me how it went.

BC: I’m really glad on how the season turned out. It was just a good way to go. It was a lot better than the season before. It was a good way to go and the seniors to leave on. It was just a lot better than what the season before that the seniors had to leave on. I think we really accomplished a lot for the program. 

HS: Do you think this year was the turnaround point in the program?

BC: Yes! I think we will continue to go upwards from there. 

HS: what are you going to be majoring in?

BC: I’m going to major in Cyber Security.

HS: What advice would you give to a young player just starting out in playing football?

BC: Any opportunity you get, listen to what people have to say.  Take that experience they had and put it on the field and grind every chance you get.

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