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One on One: MC’s Trey Kibe PIAA State Champion

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Editor’s note: Recently, Hometown Sports Editor Kenny Varner had the privilege to catch up with newly crowned PIAA 160-pound State Champion Trey Kibe and talked about his championship match,his team this season and the prospects of next year both personally and team wise.

HS: Congratulations first of all on a great season! Coming into the season, was your goal from the very beginning to win a state championship?

TK: Yes, I knew from the very beginning it was in reach.But I knew it wasn’t going to easy so the whole season I was lifting and practicing everyday and it worked. That’s what it took so I knew it wasn’t going to come easy but the hard work paid off.

HS: What were your feelings going into the championship match?

TK: Going into the match I was nervous and excited. I was excited just to get the chance to wrestle I. A state final in front of so many people in the Giant Center.

HS: Tell your feelings when your hands were raised and you realized you had captured the state title.

TK: I can’t really explain the feeling it was just amazing! I just remember looking up and seeing all the fans going crazy. I just realized that I just had won the state title. So, that was a great feeling.

HS: Winning it at such a young age and setting the bar for future wrestlers,  going into next year will you be going into it with the same mindset?

TK: Definitely, I know next year there is going to be a target on my back. Defending state champions get beat every year at Hershey, so I know I’ll have a target on my back so I’ll have to work even harder.

HS: Talk about the season your team had and your season in general and how you felt about the year?

TK: The season through out was fun. The team did well. We won our first meet at team states. I am really looking forward to next season because we will have a majority of the team coming back. 

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