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The Road to a D6 title; MC wrestling takes another title

Bellefonte Area Hs vs. Mifflin County Hs @ District 6 AAA Duals on 02/02/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 35.0 Bellefonte Area Hs (BAH) 27.0

132: Ethan Kauffman (MCH) over Dylan Dann (BAH) (MD 12-3) 

138: Ryan Smith (BAH) over Kyler Everly (MCH) (Dec 3-0) 

145: Trey Shoemaker (MCH) over Cole Stewart (BAH) (Fall 2:42) 

152: Ethan Richner (BAH) over Anson Wagner (MCH) (Fall 1:16) 160: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Kenneth Simpson (BAH) (Fall 2:04) 

170: Kyle Myers (BAH) over Brycen Hassinger (MCH) (Dec 4-2) 

182: Jacob  Krepps (MCH) over Andrew Howe (BAH) (Dec 5-2) 195: Ethan Rossman (BAH) over Dylan Grassmyer (MCH) (Fall 2:46) 220: Max Barrier (BAH) over Isaac  Matthews (MCH) (Dec 7-4) 

285: Blaine Davis (MCH) over Daniel Orndorf (BAH) (Fall 1:18) 106: Nicholas Allison (MCH) over Aidan O`Shea (BAH) (MD 13-1) 113: Aaron Little (BAH) over   (MCH) (Fall 0:00) 

120: Christian Fisher (MCH) over Lane Aikey (BAH) (Dec 4-3) 

126: Derek Burk (MCH) over Alex Coppolo (BAH) (Dec 8-4) 

Mifflin County Hs vs. Central Mountain Hs @ District 6 AAA Duals on 02/02/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 28.0 Central Mountain Hs (CMH) 27.0

126: Dalton  Bechdel (CMH) over Derek Burk (MCH) (Dec 2-0) 

132: Ethan Kauffman (MCH) over Kayden Busey (CMH) (Fall 2:51) 138: Cody Coleman (CMH) over Kyler Everly (MCH) (Dec 7-0) 

145: Lane Porter (CMH) over Trey Shoemaker (MCH) (Dec 4-3) 

152: Alonzo Henry (CMH) over Anson Wagner (MCH) (Dec 8-6) 160: Trey Kibe (MCH) over   (CMH) (For.) 

170: Brycen Hassinger (MCH) over Austin Confer (CMH) (MD 19-10) 182: Nikolas Miller (CMH) over Jacob  Krepps (MCH) (SV-1 3-1) 195: Gage Sutliff (CMH) over Dylan Grassmyer (MCH) (Dec 3-2) 

220: Tanner Riggle (CMH) over Isaac  Matthews (MCH) (Dec 10-3) 285: Blaine Davis (MCH) over Jacob Edwards (CMH) (Dec 5-0) 106: Nicholas Allison (MCH) over Derek  Keen (CMH) (Fall 2:50) 

113: Taylor  Weaver (CMH) over   (MCH) (For.) 

120: Christian Fisher (MCH) over Johnny  Shreffler (CMH) (Dec 1-0) 

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