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Class Acts; Fans help honor MC matmen

To victors goes the spoils.
After capturing his second PIAA State wrestling title at 170, Trent Hidlay was ushered in to the Mifflin County gym in style Monday.
Along with Hidlay, the Huskies also honored State competitors Christian Fisher (113) who placed eighth, Trey Kibe(152) and Derek Burk (120).
After loading on a fire truck at Reds diner, the group went through downtown Lewistown and up through the local area and dropped off for an awards assembly at the Mifflin County High School.
It was also a historical moment in the Mifflin County Sports scene as all the State qualifying wrestlers and coaches got their time to shine in front the Husky faithful.
It was a much deserved honor as the team finished 12th place in team competition on the weekend.
Freshman Trey Kibe proved that he will be a force to be reckoned with in future as he battled two place winners in States tough, taking the number one seed into overtime before falling.
Derek Burk will also be back next year, wrestling at 120-pounds. He is also one to watch as he battled hard to earn his spot in the State tournament.
For the second year in a row, Christian Fisher medalled at the “Big Show” finishing eighth despite battling injuries throughout the tournament.
Also deserving the accolades on the evening were the coaches, Kirby Martin, Dale Searer and Tyler Bedelyon. They were the backbone of the core of the Mifflin County matmen.
Martin, was the quiet leader who with the assistance of veteran coach and former Lewistown high school stand out Wrestler Searer have been a biggest part of the Mifflin County program along with newcomer Bedelyon. Bedelyon, a former Indian Valley wrestling standout, did a lot of the on the mat work, especially with Hidlay. They all were a deep factors in the team’s year-after-year success.
Finally, the event was focused on Hidlay.
During his speech, the 2-time champion showed what hard work, tenacity and sacrifice can do. Even through the rise to the top, Hidlay never forgot his roots and has been often seen taking pics and talking with the future wrestlers of Mifflin County. He also has shown and is a huge ambassador for his sport, County and his family.
With every autograph, photo op and social gathering, he proves mature beyond his years and is destined for yet more bigger and better things as he heads to the College levels.
As the gathering started to disburse and fans were allowed down for pictures, it was refreshing to see the class acts that all these wrestlers showed. The graciousness, humbleness and the drive to keep improving themselves is a testament to their parents, coaches and themselves.
They made all who attended feel that the future is bright for local wrestling.
Congratulations to all!

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