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One on One: State College track Star Zach DeCaramine

Editor’s note – Recently Hometown Sports Editor Kenny Varner had the opportunity to sit and talk to one of State College high school’s top track athlete Zach DeCaramine and talked about the past Indoor track and field season and the upcoming outdoor season.

HS: Tell me about your Indoor track season and what events you were in.

ZD: This year I competed in all three relays, the 4×200, the 4×100 and the 4×800 and I did the open 400 and 800.

HS: And this was all prepping you for the outdoor season where you do the hurdles as well?

ZD:Yes, the 300-hurdles is going to be my main event this year along with the 4×4 and 4×8 relay teams. I might sometime do an open 400 or 800 through the year. 

HS: Your boys team celebrated a special accomplishment in the Indoor seaaon, winning the team state championship right?

ZD: Yes. 

HS: And your Coach was a first year head coach?

ZD: Yes, he’s been in the program for a while but he brought to this team more of a family aspect. Something that we didn’t have before. We are all here for each other and we all need each other in order to succeed in everything.

HS:What grade are you in?

ZD: I’m a junior.

HS: Of all the meets you participated in this year in the Indoor season, which is your favorite?

ZD: Probably the state Meet because it’s been the first one we won in the history of State High. But besides that I would have to say Lehigh when I PR’ed in the 800 which had pretty tough competition.

HS: What event is your favorite?

ZD: I would have to say it was the hurdles. I would say the 400-hurdles but I can only compete in that during the summer. The state of Pennsylvania only has the 300 but when I compete nationally the have the 400-hurdles. Besides that I would say it would be the 300-hurdles.

HS: What would you say was your most memorable moment so far in your track career? Was it winning the state title or maybe something else?

ZD: Probably That and winning districts last year. Because I transferred half way through the year and then I entered spring track.

My freshman and sophomore years I made it to states which was really cool. This year I expect myself to win the 300-hurdles and I think a top five ranking in Pa. for that. It should be pretty close. 

HS: Do you compete in any fall sports?

ZD: I ran a modified version in cross country but if I did too much it would turn me into a distance runner rather than mid-distance so I just did modified versions of the workouts.

HS: When did you first get involved in track and field?

ZD: When I was in eighth grade and I ended up getting into it because I was playing basketball and I didn’t make the team so then it introduced me to track because I had other people bring me in. So I’ve been with it since then.

HS: What’s your favorite part of running?

ZD: My favorite part was when I’m running the 400-hurdles, it’s the hardest feeling of my life. You do all the work to build up to that and you still have to race. It’s a feeling that you get in your heart that you can’t really describe. Your so close to your max performance all your life and to take all you work and put it into the race and having that feeling and then hopefully getting the result that you are aiming for.

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